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EST data were identified in human with the overall statistics. Of all data were collected from two sites, most of all from  
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI: ), the remainder from Beijing Institute of  
Genomics (BIG: ), which is our independent procreant data. The sequences are downloaded from the dbEST
database containing 8,444,018 reported EST entries from Homo sapiens in Oct., 2011. Only the numbers of EST more than one 
hundred are considered in a library, which gives us 5,943,083 EST sequences. These sequences are assorted physiologic and 
pathologic samples based on sequenced source. Physiologic sequences from different tissues or cells are used for researching 
gene expressive relationship. Some specifical EST sequences of pathologic tissue can be help for researching morbid mechanism.
Implemented using a mediawiki engine, mySQL relation database and PHP technology, the online database of WikiCell (WikiCell, provides a simple way to access the EST data and their annotations.
WikiCell presents a new model for EST databases that enhances and complements ongoing efforts. Each node of taxonomy at  
WikiCell has a dedicated wiki page, displaying dynamic pictures, description, references, system tree diagram, statistics and 
path. The “statistics” section provides the number of current node and next level owned EST. significantly, you can only 
enter summary page from the statistic section of leaf node page, which shows in Figue 4.
All pages of WikiCell are freely accessible without prior registration. However, the contribution of information is only  
possible for registered users who are logged in. Our policy with respect to registrations is based on two conflicting aims: 
on the one hand, we wish to invite users to contribute to the wikis rather than to discourage them by complicated procedures.
On the other hand, the reliability of the information provided by WikiCell is of crucial importance. A mandatory but liberal
registration policy seemed to be the best way to balance these two aims.
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