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885 genes expressed in only one of 18 tissues from microarray and EST data, respectively. The microarray data identified more TS genes than the EST data, but many of which were actually expressed in more than one tissue according to the EST data . We observed a common trend in both data: brain and testis contributed the most TS genes as compared to other tissues. In EST data, about half of TS genes appeared either brain- or testis-specific. The most important observation we had was that thyroid, the least sampled tissue, had 5,403 of 7,263 detected genes (74.4%) defined as HK genes. This indicated that for poorly sampled tissues our knowledge on their transcriptomes was still limited to the most abundant housekeeping genes, and a true definition of tissue-specific expression required much greater efforts in the future.(J Zhu et al.2008)

Brain TestisLungPlacentaUterusPancreasKidneyLiverProstate


Tissue specific gene list of all 18 tissues are available at File:TSsource.xls.

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